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Terms and Condition Of Services

“Terms and Conditions” of services governs the delivery of the service by BSF Designs (services provided) for the “Billed To” recipients (“Client”) which is executed by and between the parties and references these Terms and Conditions.

-The “Services” provided under these Terms and Conditions will be those set forth in the proposal agreement document executed by the BSF Designs, LLC. and Client referencing these Terms and Conditions.


We reserve the right in our sole and absolute discretion to make changes to how we operate and provide our Services, including adding new services, modifying existing services, or suspending, discontinuing, or terminating your access to any or all portions of our Services. Some of our Services may be subject to additional terms and conditions (“Additional Terms”), which are posted separately from these terms but are incorporated and form a part of the Agreement if you decide to use or access those features. If there is a conflict between applicable Additional Terms and these terms, the Additional Terms will control.

BSF Designs, LLC. Products and services are constantly changing, so you might see features come and go as we continue to improve our experience and services for members. We will sometimes need you to agree to special terms for certain products or features.

Our Services

When we refer to our “Services,” we mean all products and services owned and operated by Credit Karma, LLC or any of its subsidiary companies (collectively, “BSF Designs, LLC,” “we,” or “us”), including the content, designs, services, data, consultation, coaching and functions made available by BSF Designs, LLC. through, our mobile applications, and other websites or applications we operate, unless those websites or applications have posted separate or additional terms of service. As of the effective date of these terms, our Services include the following key features:

  • Insights and Education. We love providing resources and we use our analysis and experience to provide you with all sorts of content and context about the ins and outs of your financial health—from educational articles to insights about business.

  • Community Advice and Reviews. We invite you to share your knowledge and learn from the wisdom of others in the BSF Designs, LLC. community.

Your BSF Designs, LLC. Online Accounts

General Reequipments - 

You will need to register for a BSF Designs, LLC. member account to access many aspects of our Services, like making comments in the Business Connect Blog, receiving personalized offers for products and services from our partners.

Registering for a member account is optional, but if you do not register for an account, you will not be able to access certain aspects of our Services. By registering for a BSF Designs, LLC. member account, you certify that:

  • You are 18 years of age or older

  • Any information you provide to us, both when you register and in the future, is and will be true, accurate, current and complete. 

  • You are only registering an account for yourself.

  • You will keep all information up-to-date

  • You will create a unique password to create and access your BSF Designs, LLC. account that is unique to BSF Designs, LLC. and not re-used across other, unaffiliated services.

You must not sell, transfer, or assign your account to anyone else. You must keep your password confidential, you must not share it and you may not allow anyone else to log into our Services as you. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your member account. If you believe that your account is no longer secure, notify us immediately by clicking

Hours of Services & Holiday Schedule

Our hours of services is as follows:

Monday - Friday 9AM - 4PM

Saturday - 9AM -12PM

Sunday - Closed

BSF Designs will be closed for the follow holiday:

New Eve and New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.ʹs Birthday,  Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, The Day After Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.    

Turn Around Time for Custom Designs Creations

-Our Turnaround time for website creation 7 -10 business days

-Our Turnaround time for website updates  5 -7 business days

-Our Turnaround time for flyers, postcards, social media post  and other stationary 5-7 business days

-Our Turnaround time for  flyers, postcards, social media post  and other stationary updates  4-5 business days

The turnaround time for logo creation is 7-10 business days

The turnaround time for logo updated is 5-7 business days

-Our Turnaround time for final editing 5 business days. 

-Our Turnaround time for adding domain on website is 2 business days.

Any request to receive services before the above listed turnaround times will be charged an expedited fee of $40.00. No exception.

*******All designs created from BSF Designs includes only 2 updated before final edit. Client must clearly review all work created by BSF Designs and send all additions, updated, and corrections within the 2 updates. ************* additional updated will be charged a $35.00

Client Non Compliance 

If a client has requested services from BSF Designs but is not:

  • Cooperating or complying with the BSF Designs LLC process

  • Disrespecting staff members

  • Not responding to any communication attempts from BSF Designs LLC for 30 days

The BSF Designs LLC reserves the right to send a notice to the client and stop working on the project or servicing the client. At that point, the client's request will be closed out, and all completed files will be sent to the client.. 

Specific Registration Consents

When you register as a member or student of our workshop, you authorize us to create and maintain an account in your name using your account registration information and other information that may be collected about you in accordance with our Privacy Statement as part of providing our Services (collectively, such information is your “BSF Designs Account.”).


Third Party Offers

With respect to offers from our partners, we do not guarantee that you will be presented with offers for any particular types of products or services or that you will meet the approval criteria for any particular offer. It is always your choice whether to apply for a product or service offered by our partners and we will never submit an application for a product or service to a partner on your behalf without your consent.

Links to or Connections with Third Party Sites or Applications

Our Services or communications to you may contain third party content or links to third party sites, applications or services (collectively, “Third Party Content”). Our Services may also include features that allow you to connect your Credit Karma account with accounts or services provided by third parties, such as accounts you maintain with financial institutions or social media platforms like Facebook (collectively, “Third Party Services”). We do not control, maintain, or endorse the Third Party Content or Third Party Services, and we are not responsible or liable for any Third Party Content or Third Party Services, including any damages, losses, failures, or problems caused by, related to, or arising from Third Party Content or Third Party Services. Your interactions and business dealings with the providers of the Third Party Content or Third Party Services, including products or services offered by such third parties, are solely between you and the third party. You should review all of the relevant terms and conditions associated with Third Party Content or Third Party Services, including any privacy policies and terms of service. We are not responsible for any information that you agree to share with third parties in connection with Third Party Content or Third Party Services.

Payment & Payment Agreement

-Client must pay full amount before services has been rendered, unless a payment arrangement has been made or payment plan has been offered by BSF Designs. Once client has received the drafted services and/or proposal plan, payment must be made to proceed further. If client and BSF Designs has decided on a payment plan and clients ever decides to stop making payment, BSF Design will cease to complete services until full payment is made. This applies to all clients.

-The price specified in an invoice or contract are the total price and charges for the Services and will not be increased during the term of the Services Schedule except as the parties may agree to add new services, additional services were rendered by BSF Designs, or if there be any late charges. Client is responsible for all applicable federal, state and local sales, use or other taxes due on the Services rendered, except for taxes based on BSF Designs. 

-Effective February1st 2021- BSF Designs, LLC will add an additional charges $25.00 for request updates/changes after receiving any services from BSF Designs, LLC. which has been “confirm completed” by the client or has been edited by our BSF Designs Editor. 

-Once full payment is made it is final, and reimbursement will not be applied. In the event reimbursement is requested before the full payment; client will only receive 20% of reimbursement in the form of BSF Designs Credit. This is so that BSF Designs can be paid for time, consultation, and apps, etc. 


A payment arrangement is an agreed-upon plan for paying a current or past-due balance on or before a specified date. BSF Designs, LLC will only offer a payment plan for services over $400.00. BSF Designs reserves the right to halt services if the client is not following through with the payment plan. The following guidelines will apply when making payment arrangements:


- Payment arrangements will begin from the date of the first payment. For example, if a monthly re-occurring invoice or contract agreement was sent with a date of 10/05/2021, but the client pays  the deposit on 10/02/2021 instead, then the payment arrangement payment date will be started from 10/02/2021 and the next payment will be 11/02/2021(even if there is a different date on the client's invoice). BSF Designs provides by-weekly and monthly payment arrangements only.

  • If the client chooses to change the payment arrangement date or amount, they must do so two (2) weeks before the next payment and it must be requested in writing.

  • The client must give a five-day notice (in writing) for late payments, or they will be subjected to a late fee of $25.00. After 2 late payment, the payment will automatically be canceled and client will need to pay the full balance.

  • The client will be responsible for paying any additional services rendered by BSF Designs not listed on the client's invoice or contract. A separate email or invoice will be sent to the client for the additional services rendered by BSF Designs.


Contract Agreement: Depending on the services or scope of the project, BSF Designs may or may not have the client sign a contract agreement. When an agreement is made between the client and BSF Designs, LLC., the contract agreement will detail what both parties have agreed to in terms of payment and the products and services that will be rendered. All contract agreements must be dated to prove when the agreement went into effect. Also, both parties will need to sign the contract agreement, which indicates they agree to the terms and perform their obligations.

Effective March 1st 2021 - Cancellation Policy

Binding Contract Agreement - All payment agreement will serve as a receipt that includes the details of the loan. Failure by either to abide by the terms of a payment contract could be held in breach of contract. 

Governing Law These Conditions and all contracts made pursuant to them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Pennsylvania State law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the PA Courts. This provision is for BSF Designs, LLC benefit only and nothing herein shall limit the right of BSF Designs, LLC to take proceedings against Client in court of competent jurisdiction. 

Arbitration Of Payments Disputes - We seldom have disagreements with our clients concerning our fees, but some occasionally do occur. It is our desire to resolve any such disagreement through amicable discussion; unfortunately, such disputes cannot always be resolved in that way. Our experience is that in such instances it is in the best interest of both the client and BSF Designs, LLC. that the dispute be resolved through binding arbitration rather than by legal action and the courts. To that end, you and we agree that any dispute under this Service Agreement that cannot be resolved in a reasonable time through discussions between us shall be submitted to binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association pursuant to its rules. It is agreed that the site of such

arbitrations and the applicable governing law without regard to provisions governing conflicts of law shall be Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Any arbitration award will be final, binding, and enforceable in any jurisdiction where any party may be found. You acknowledge that this Service Agreement is entered into after we have advised you of your right to have this

Service Agreement reviewed by independent counsel and allowed you sufficient time to avail yourself of that right.


The Client and BSF Designs must agree to take all reasonable steps to ensure that Confidential Information is secure and not disclosed or distributed by such party’s employees or agents in breach.

BSF Designs, LLC. shall observe confidentiality when providing Services to Client including consulting and business coach.

• All information and data received from or about Client shall be treated in absolute confidence;

• Information and data received under this agreement (with the exception of information communicated during actual executive coaching conversations) shall only be disclosed to person(s) within the organization only if such person(s) (i) have a need to know to support the program and (ii) are bound in writing to protect the confidentiality of such information;

• Conversations between the business coach and/or consultant, and the participant shall be treated by the coach or consultant as strictly confidential at all times;

• Multi-party contracting will be clearly specified and agreed upon by all involved parties before the start of the assignment. Further, the BSF Designs, LLC. ensures that all employees and/or subcontractors involved are made subject to adequate confidentiality agreements.

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