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BSF Business Designs is a Christian owned business that can help you to create and build your brand by creating promotional/marketing products as well as finding a cost-effective way to market your business. Our custom designs will speak to your customers and clients.

Our Goal: To be your trusted, the go-to source for business service, great pricing, and in-depth knowledge.

We pride our self in being perfectionists, determined to exceed your expectations on even the most sophisticated projects. We're people-lovers as well, a favorite of inexperienced buyers -- church groups, the local lawyer or dentist, high school clubs and such.

Guiding us are the old-fashioned values of honesty, prompt personal attention, competitive pricing, quality merchandise, and -- always -- delivering on what we promise.

How Can We Help?

BSF Business Designs can help:

  • Individual business projects

  • Branding/Promotion for small-medium Businesses and organization,

  • Business planning or coaching for small-medium Businesses and organization

  • Custom logo, website, and printing for small-medium Businesses and organization

Whether you are a small business owner or an individual with many projects. BSF Business Designs understand that you “wear many hats” daily. Every day you may be consumed with the day to day operations of your business, the accounting, managing your staff, and selling your products and services. Or maybe you are to busy and need help in marketing your products and services. Well, BSF Business Designs will develop and help you manage your promotional media efforts. We will help you by being your promotional and business planner.


Are you just starting your business and need some direction? BSF Business Designs can coach and help you with your promotional campaign. We will also help to develop your added values, brand a consistent identity, and implement an appropriate marketing/promotional plan for optimal exposure. We can even help you to set up your business or non-profit by filing for your limited liability certification, articles of incorporation, or 501(c)3 non-profit status.


  • BSF Designs understands the sensitivity, confidentiality, as well as the need for promoting churches and organizations/agencies. We can help churches and non-profit agencies to design and develop unique promotional products that will help optimize and bring exposure to their supporters. Our company supports and donates to local community local organizations. BSF Business Designs give a 10% discount to all non-profit Organizations helping to build communities.

Meet The BSF Business Designs Team



As the CEO of BSF Business Designs, I want to give you a virtual tour. BSF Business Designs services are dedicated to branding and promoting your business or non-profit. Our team has the background, experience, and expertise to help you achieve your business goal.

I understand first hand that so many individuals have great business ideas and vision but lack the skills, guidance, and pathway needed to make it become a reality. This motivates me even more to provide strategies and services that can assist entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Non-profit while pursuing their vision.

I take pride in the fact that we provide detailed, professional, and courteous services; as well as that extra personal touch, through one-on-one coaching. BSF Business Designs has several products that can assist in making your business a success, and your experience exciting, motivating, and above all satisfying. 

I look forward to working with you!

Beverly Francois

-Owner and Friendly Business Consultant 

Beverly S. Francois


Portfolio -


'DB Designs' specializes in graphic design, logo design, graphic images, media arts, and illustration. He is the founder and owner of DP Designs are Devon Bertete, an illustrator and graphic designer whose expertise is in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing several types of visual imagery. Devon Bertete has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts and illustration from The Art Institutes, with over eight years of experience in graphic designs. Devon is creative, pays attention to detail, and has skillful techniques to provide design services to businesses of all sizes around the world.

'DP Designs'

Founder and Owner Devon Bertete

-Logo Expert, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

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