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The Grind
Behind The Business

Bringing expert advice, entertainment, and upliftment for all while also endorsing and boosting small businesses in the local community.


The Grind Behind The Business aka The Grind

The Grind Behind The Business is a highly informative and beneficial video podcast that is designed to equip businesses with the necessary tools, resources, and advice required to thrive in today's competitive market. The podcast is specially tailored to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses, providing them with a supportive community that offers promotion, connections, and encouragement to help them achieve their goals.

One of the standout features of The Grind Behind The Business is its live streaming capabilities, which allow viewers to tune in to the podcast on Facebook and YouTube Live, every Tuesday at 6:30 PM. This makes it incredibly accessible to anyone who wants to gain valuable insights and learn from industry experts.

Check out Interviews From Some Of Our Featured Guest

Special guess Jennifer Harris founder of Chozen Counselors Inc.

Special guess BaShir Hogué, 2x Image Award Winner, Songwriter, & Producer

Special guess Lady Shantel Baldwin. Director of Kingdom Women Ministry, and author of CD “Pray Through.

Special guess Pastor Brian C. Jenkins, founder of Chosen 300 Ministry

Special guess is Pastor Valerie Travis MA., CRS.

Special guess Esther Williams a Retirement Specialist.

Listeners now have the opportunity to tune in to The Grind Behind The Business podcast on P3 Christian Radio every Saturday at 2 PM & 7 PM. This new platform provides a unique way for entrepreneurs to access the podcast and gain valuable insights into the world of business. With this added exposure, businesses can broaden their network and increase their chances of success within their local area. 

The podcast's focus on community and support creates a valuable resource for business owners looking to connect with like-minded individuals and gain access to a supportive network. By tuning in to P3 Christian Radio's programming, entrepreneurs can take advantage of this exceptional podcast and all that it has to offer.



The radio talk show:

The radio talk show aims to highlight, endorse, motivate, and boost small businesses in the local community. It also offers music and entertainment, including sponsored giveaways, a monthly "Business Challenge Game," and additional benefits. The show features live call-ins and audience/viewer feedback, as well as fostering encouragement, networking, and business connections.

"The Grind Behind The Business" audience :

"The Grind Behind The Business" is a comprehensive program that caters to a diverse audience, including aspiring entrepreneurs, vendors, sponsors, small business owners, and individuals in the local community. The podcast is broadcasted worldwide through P3 Christian Radio and has garnered a significant online and social media following. The show aims to provide valuable insights and guidance to potential investors through in-depth interviews with prominent business experts.


Listeners can expect to receive encouragement, expert advice, and access to exclusive promotions and giveaways. Moreover, the program offers live call-ins, allowing the audience to interact with the experts and receive personalized advice. "The Grind Behind The Business" is the perfect platform for anyone looking to gain knowledge and insights into the world of business.

Streaming Live

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Beverly Francois BSBM. Founder of Jehovah Jireh Family Center, Owner of BSF Business Designs, LLC., & Host of The Grind Behind The Business

Meet The Host

Beverly Francois-Alston has established and contributed to the growth and success of two different business in the past 15 years. Jehovah Jireh Family Center and BSF Designs, LLC.


Mrs. Alston is highly effective at project management, building and maintain client relationships and very knowledgeable in Business Management, Branding and Digital Marketing. 

Beverly understands first hand that so many individuals have great business ideas and vision but lack the skills, guidance, and pathway needed to make it become a reality.

This motivates her even more to provide strategies and services that can assist entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Non-profit while pursuing their vision. Including hosting of the video Podcast The Grind Behind The Business. The video podcast will help to showcase, support, encourage and promote small businesses within the community. As well as provide encouragement, networking, and business connections.

Let’s Work Together

Do you need to reach out to the host, or maybe you may know of someone in the community that you feel should be showcased. Please get in touch so we can network, connect and support small businesses in the Community together. 

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