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Thank you for you support and sponsorship of the Grind Behind The Business. We are excited to see a synergy and connection that would be beneficial in raising the profile of your company to The Grid audience; and your target market.

Please review the sponsored packages listed below, to ensure the financial success of 'The Grind Behind The Business'.

Once you have reviewed, kindly make a payment for the package of choice. Please feel free to make donations as well

  • $ 150.00 Sponsor Package: Includes Sponsor's Name, Logo, and a 2 min. word/Picture Ad for two(2) segments on Radio Station. Also, one(1) day on Live Podcast and all Social Media platforms.

  • $200.00 & UP Sponsor Package: Includes Sponsor's Name, Logo, and a 3 min word/Picture Ad or Video commercial (created by BSF Business Designs) played two(2) segments on Radio Station for one Saturday. Also, two(2) days every week, for one(1) month on Social Media platforms, websites, and blogs. Sponsor will also be included in all of BSF Designs POP UP Shop and Business EXPO promotions.

The Grind Behind The Business Sponsorship/Donation, Registration and Payment Form
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Thanks for your generosity!

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