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Graphic Trends Dominating 2021

With so much happening in the world right now brands haven’t been able to take many design risks this year. Let take a look at what graphic design trends that will dominate in 2021.

Out With The Old and In With The New

The past twelve months have tested us all. For some creative designers, including BSF Designs, the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic had a drastic impact on how we work and come up with new ideas and aesthetic visions. Sheltering in place, facing the loss of work and contracted social lives, many of us struggled to find unique trends and visual excitement. No one wants to look like they are capitalizing on tragedy, yet staying silent is not always an option, either. Here are BSF Designs top 5 dominating Design Trends for 2021.

1. Nature Inspired Design

Organic, softer, natural design trends have been coming up slowly on the sidelines. The idea of mimicking nature, natural lights, softer, earthy colors and tones, natural gradients in color schemes, flowing lines – oh yes, it has been coming back into fashion. It fits with the trends of minimalism, muted color palettes, illustrations, there are color filters designed to create natural ambiances, textures featuring wood, stone, etc. the signs have been there for a while.

And the essential qualities of nature are suitable for designs, all techniques, and all commercial fields. It is a blessing for designers that this source of inspiration is a design trend that the people of 2021 want.

What is Organic Design?

Organic design is a trend that’s now widely used across various areas of design – including fashion, product design, interior design, and graphic design. And visuals incorporating and inspired by mother nature are pegged to be one of the biggest design trends of 2021.

Neutral Colors have become particularly popular, as they directly replicate our environment’s natural palette. Alongside soft browns, beige and white, faded pinks, blues, and greens can be great additions to a neutral color palette, either used alone or paired with brighter colors to make them pop.

2. Cartoon Illustrations in Design

Custom Illustrations have become a nifty way of getting your design to stand out from the generic blur of websites with their heavy graphic elements, clean digital look, and minimalist sleekness. We are all for illustrations and they aren’t going to fall off the trend radar for the foreseeable future.

What is Cartoon illustration? Cartoon Illustration is a full-size drawing made illustration, sometimes animated, typically in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style. It's a format that keeps the variety, is adaptable, imaginative but adds playfulness, and raises a smile. Perfect for memorable branding, excellent for creating the atmosphere for product or site, and incredibly multifunctional. You can use your character on the website, business cards, posters, presentation materials, really there are no limits. And everybody without exception enjoys cartoons.

3. Monochrome & Duotone Design

This technique is usually used to create a very well-balanced and coordinated look between the delivering message or content and the design. As it’s a very simple looking but chic coloring pattern, it doesn’t shift the attention from the main content to the design. This technique helps in giving a very aesthetic and professional look with an important message or content as a highlight.

What Is Monochrome & Duotone?

Duotone is a halftone reproduction of an image using the superimposition of one contrasting color halftone over another color halftone. This is most often used to bring out middle tones and highlights of an image.

A monochrome can display only a single color, often green, amber, red, or white, and often also shades of that color.

Combined Display and Tone - Duotone color mode computes the highlights and middle tones of a monochrome (grayscale or black-and-white scale) image in one color and allows the user to choose any color ink as the second color, creating a 'duo-tone.

In part, Monochrome & Duotone helps designers by using your limited time on more complex elements and using simple color themes. for the consumer, this also helps simplify the design so the brain is not awash with a complicated mixture of design features all playing off against each other.

There is an idea that this is pushing a need for more relaxed, calm themes for sites and color is one of the answers, holding a site together as a unified whole and emphasizing the emotive effect of color.

4. Typography Chaos Design

Typography can be impressive and engaging. Chaotic typography is the practice of disrupting the alignment and order of letters and words. If you have a playful or casually dynamic brand, this may be a good choice for you. It emphasizes the importance of experimentation, and finding new approaches beyond various typographic systems, to solve design problems.

This design accentuates the relationship between the text-based information and the graphic component of a poster by challenging the rules of typography – the choice of typeface, the hierarchy of design elements, legibility, and the application of a grid system

What is Typographic Chaos Design? Typographic Chaos is a project that aims to manipulate text as a typographic image to convey an idea through poster design. It utilizes three-dimensional space to achieve more variations of design.


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