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For all Entrepreneurs, Small Business, & Non-profits

Welcome to the BSF Business Connections page.  This network group is an incredible ecosystem of business-minded individuals working to achieve shared power and resource. 


Our main objectives for all participants is to be:








Intended Purpose of BSF Business Connections

The intended purpose of BSF Business Connections is to provide a space that gives entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit an opportunity to network, gain knowledge, find support, and share resources in a stimulating and emotive atmosphere. This group also organizes and facilitates programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences that will help to strengthen and engage business-minded individuals. 

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No matter where you are in your business journey, there is always a need for business networks, improvements, marketing, and most of all a business connections that will provide resources to assist and support you. BSF Business Designs understand first hand that so many individuals have great business ideas and vision but lack the support, guidance, and pathway needed to make it become a reality. Knowing this motivates us even more to provide resources and support that can assist entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Non-profit while pursuing their vision.

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Interview With The Experts

Interviews With The Experts 

 Show You Support For Minority Owned Businesses

Join Beverly Francois as she carries out live interviews on Facebook and YouTube Live. The segment showcases, supports, encourages. and promotes small business within the community.

We are always in need of Experts who are willing to do interviews!
If you know of someone who officially owns his or her business, is an expert in his or her field, and is willing to be interviewed; please contact us with information.